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Project Summary:
Over 150 projects administered for branches and offices across the whole of England and Wales. Projects included bank refurbishment, a complete rebranding of retail outlets, alterations to improve accessibility and major refurbishment of head offices.


  • By forging strong relationships with the Lloyds Bank delivery team, we were able to establish systems to enable the client to obtain cost certainty, in relation to Building Regulations, at an early design stage.
  • Provided the pre-design site survey to explore and agree on principle compliance options with the design team, on projects with particular challenges.
  • Provided timely site inspections across the whole of England and Wales to ensure necessary statutory certificates were provided for the client and third parties.
  • Our surveyors worked closely with Lloyds Security and Health and Safety teams to produce robust sustainable design and management compliance solutions which were used across all branch projects nationwide.
  • Early consultation with the Fire Service to agree fire safety design principles on complex projects.